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Website policy

1. Website update policy

The last update was in: February, 2015.

2. Website objectives

Our main objective is to offer information about our products, where and how to buy them. It is not our objective to make money from your visit. Therefore, we do not use services like Google AdSense or similar.

3. Copyrights' policy

Sui Generis obtained permission to reproduce all texts that appear on this site from the copyrights' owners. Everything included on this website, except when otherwise mentioned, is property of Sui Generis. You must ask our permission to use any part or material of this web site.

4. Privacy policy

a. Cookies

Sui Generis' website does not use cookies.

b. Log Files

We use IP addresses from our visitors to analyze the function of this website and to plan necessary changes. We do not use IP from our visitors to track their personal information, and we do not sell, give or share these IP logs with anyone.

c. Personal Information

Sui Generis keeps a list of customers for keeping them informed about future updates in our products. No customer is added to this list without his/her previous consent. Sui Generis does not sell, give or share this personal information with third parties under any circumstance.

d. Links

This website contains links to other sites. Sui Generis is not responsible for these other websites. Their privacy policy should be checked with them.

5. Last update and changes

Sui Generis may update these website policies at anytime. The present website policies to www.suigenerismusic.com became officially effective as of June 04, 2007.

Sui Generis
São Paulo