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The first classical music SACD
ever made in Brazil!

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News: SACD Beethoven Diabelli Variations booklet's Index.

It is finally available the index of our SACD's booklet.


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News: Read what the international press is saying about our SACD:

Disc of the month at WHOLE NOTE magazine (Canada):
“Everything about this new recording speaks to Alcantara’s tremendous sense of commitment to this work, and to this project. I’ve never seen better CD liner notes in my life. (...)Alcantara’s playing leaves nothing to be desired. You can hear the will of his personality combined with moments of raucous humour, tenderness, reverence, and passion. In every way, this recording is a stunning achievement.” Jamie Parker

You can read more reviews on the reviews page.



Do you like or have any interest in Classical Music?
Do you like piano music?

Then you should know our disc
Beethoven Diabelli Variations.

If you want to buy just one Classical music CD, you should buy this one. Why?

In the first place because Diabelli Variations are the biggest piece Beethoven wrote for the piano. Knowing a piece of this magnitude changes your relationship with any other music.
Do you already know Diabelli Variations?
Great. You can appreciate much better Mr. Alcantara's work. There are many other recordings of Diabelli Variations on the market, but none offer you:

  • A booklet with 173 pages with exclusive text by Marco Alcantara, covering the most important subjects that help you acquire a more complete understanding of this marvelous work.
  • The first World recording of Beethoven's sketches for Diabelli Variations. These sketches allow us to follow the work's compositional process. We can listen to changes Beethoven made during the years he was working on them.
  • Recording using a historical tuning. The piano was tuned using a tuning known as Young #1, a tuning from Beethoven's time. Inside the booklet there is a text explaining this tuning with more details.
  • The first Classical Music SACD ever made in Brasil. The objective is to offer the best sound quality possible to our customers.


We’re very excited about the CD of Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations Op. 120. There are so many unique features that it is much more than just another recording of this great piece.

- Do you know that the Diabelli Variations are the longest piece Beethoven ever wrote for the piano? It takes around one hour to be played.

- And that it is one of the most important pieces ever written for the piano? Some people believe it is the most important piece ever for the piano:

Alfred Brendel, in an article called 'Notes on a Complete Recording of Beethoven’s Piano Works' says: "(…) Finally, in July 1964, I played the miscellaneous pieces and the greatest of all piano works: the Diabelli Variations."[1]

And at the back of William Kinderman's excellent book on Diabelli Variations:“ A unique book and CD combination presenting ‘the greatest of all piano works’”.[2]

But for Mr. Alcantara this was not enough to justify a recording. Something new should be done to make it worthwhile. And this happened in July 2004, right after a series of concerts performing the Diabelli, when Mr. Alcantara achieved what he judged to be of real importance.


Jed Distler informed us about Susan Halligan's recording using Kirnberger III. The mistake will be correct in the next print of our disc.